Interview Like a Consultant

Jobs change…they come, they go, they get eliminated, they get created…like business roulette! Mission critical for all of us is to stay on top of the wave. If we miss it, we’ve got to find the next one…fast!

Get Ready for the Head Change

When that job change comes, do your best to interview like a consultant. Prepare yourself for the “head” and “spirit” change required to interview like a consultant who will prepare a scope of work for the job for which you are interviewing. It will change your entire interviewing style.

We live in a world of break-neck changes in business. Challenges occur daily with not much time to establish a plan-to-cure. But, a person’s alacrity is contagious, so is their readiness to engage in the heart of an issue. Its the same with an interview.

Vet the Issue, Then Consult as You Interview

When you comport yourself as a consultant ready to vet the issue that your prospective employer has, you transform your delivery style from cautious optimism to determined confidence.

I’m not putting forth that you interact with an air of superiority or know-it-allness. On the contrary, I am recommending that you understand the challenge your employer has as though you were selected to resolve it and are meeting to complete your sizing of the job in order to offer a scope of work with a 100 day, six month and year plan-to-cure.

Try it and let me know how it goes.