Steve Giglio accelerates and anchors change in an organization

Leadership Development Case Study: Arsenal Capital

Steve Giglio accelerates and anchors change in an organizationThe person who said “change doesn’t happen overnight” had not met Steve Giglio. Steve accelerates the change you want by quickly influencing the behaviors of your executives. Then he anchors the longevity of that change by remaining engaged with the executive, tracking progress and providing direct counseling during challenges.

Case Study

Arsenal Capital Defines Company Messaging Through Executive Training

The Situation:

“We needed an outsider to hear how we communicated our company’s core values and help us streamline our brand to be powerfully effective,” says Terry Mullen of Arsenal Capital.

Steve immediately noticed Arsenal’s message was too complex. It needed to be distilled down to the point where it could be easily understood, and it needed to be flexible enough to address diverse audiences. Steve rigorously studied Arsenal’s industry, finding areas where the company’s messaging and the market needs were at odds. He then worked with four top-level executives, tailoring programs to fit the company’s messaging needs and the skill sets of each individual.

The result:

Arsenal Capital now has consistent and concise messaging that can be tailored to any audience. Steve Giglio was able to pinpoint the company’s value proposition and the unique services offered. He created a communication standard that ensures an accurate presentation of the company to investors. The changes he initiated are now used for all communications efforts.

Return on Executive Investment
Superior Team Management
Increased confidence and peace of mind