I’d Love To Make My Mark…I’m Just Too Busy

Does that sound familiar? Making your mark as a leader is important. It establishes your credibility while inspiring your teams to follow your lead.
Teams want/need a leader who has a vision, is vocal about it and knows how to operationalize their spoken vision. It’s that simple, it’s just not that easy to accomplish. 

Do Your Actions Match Your Strategy?

One way to begin is to take stock of the physical activities you attend to each day. Notice what they are and ask yourself if they are on-strategy to the mark you want to make on your company. It’s quite eye opening to complete this exercise. You’ll likely be surprised how many of them are off target. Often clients will discover that by 5-6pm each day they’ve devoted their day to fire fighting versus actions meant to achieve the strategic vision they’ve declared.

Take a Stand and Let Them Know It

Your team must know what you stand for, when the goal will be achieved and what their part is in the achievement of it. Orchestrating this is mission critical your leadership and followership. 
Committing to this forces you to delegate the fire fighting and immerse yourself in the “Braveheart” mission you’ve declared.