Effective and Efficient Deal Closing

Securing new business is always a constant challenge but, during this economic storm, retaining and expanding existing business is even more difficult. Steve Giglio’s sales training programs ensure that your teams are constantly learning about your current clients, anticipating their needs and delivering solutions. After working with Steve, your sales people will be seen as trusted advisors with the ability to close deals more effectively.

Case Study

Vanity Fair Asks the Right Questions

The situation:

Vanity Fair’s advertising sales department is regularly called on for services normally reserved for advertising agencies. Clients demand full marketing campaigns, from creative design direction to online banners to interactive marketing campaigns. This new paradigm means a new language for the sales team, something they needed to master quickly.  “In order to the get the right answers, we had to be asking the right questions.  We brought in Steve and he made that happen,” said Edward Menicheschi, Publisher.  Steve’s goal was to alter how the sales team was vieved, moving from product vendors to trusted business consultants.

The Result:

Vanity Fair’s team now finds news sales opportunities beyond its traditional channel of ad space. Team members consistently ask 20 to 30 questions when addressing a new client or handling a request from an existing one, uncovering new revenue generating sources. They excel at understanding clients marketing goals and can tailor programs that meet those needs. “Steve has provided new language that has allowed our teams to find sales opportunities and grow our services to increase our relevancy, which is so important today. Our teams communicate our value better and it has lead to many more closed deals.

Consistent Sales Approach
Improved Sales
More Effective Sales Teams