AMEX ED Case Study

Case Study

American Express Executives Inspired to Excel

The situation:

American Express already had a team of exceptional leaders but needed to raise them to the next level. Lew Taffer, former Senior Vice President, American Express Establishment Services, felt that “it would take an outside perspective to see where areas of development were and to formulate a plan to address them.” He was, however, wary of bringing in someone who had little knowledge of the company’s business and culture.

Steve Giglio allayed those fears. “I was immediately impressed with Steve’s polished, professional demeanor and acute business knowledge,” says Taffer. “He has a keen insight that allows him to quickly and accurately assess a situation, and then address it directly in a manner that puts people at ease but also gets their attention. He opened my eyes to things about my teams I would never have seen.”

The result:

Steve created an action plan based on each individual’s needs that focused their attention on areas of weakness. And the results were immediate. American Express senior managers were more assertive, they had better command of their business segments and were far more effective leaders.

Return on Executive Investment
Accelerated and Anchored Change
Superior Team Management