Terrence Mullen

“Steve Giglio has a wonderful ability to discern a situation, put himself in the shoes of multiple clients, and coach executives on how to satisfy their needs.”

Terrence Mullen, Managing Director, Arsenal Capital

Jason Wagenheim 3

Vanity Fair gets results from Steve Giglio

“Steve has helped my team provide a consistent service to our clients. I no longer have to send my “best” sales people to meet critical clients. I now have confidence in all of them.”

Jason Wagenheim, Former Associate Publisher

Jason Wagenheim 2

Vanity Fair gets results from Steve Giglio

“Our sales people have earned the right from our clients to provide far more services than just quoting ad rates. They are acting as agency account representatives, providing overall marketing solutions that go beyond traditional selling. Steve helped make that happen…quickly.”

Jason Wagenheim, Former Associate Publisher, Vanity Fair

Pascal Guignard 2

“Working with Steve Giglio is always a great investment. He is a master in a field that few have mastered.”
Pascal Guignard, Vice President & GM NBP & Airlines, American Express Services Europe Ltd.

Seth Feldman

Lexis/Nexis executive Seth Feldman developed a new level of confidence working with Steve Giglio.

“‘Confident without being cocky’ is how I describe Steve. He is direct, but has a great sense of humor that puts you at ease so you can really hear what he’s saying and improve in the areas he sees needing development. I really enjoy working with Steve.”

Vice President, Corporate Finance, LexisNexis

Ted Gramkow

Steve Giglio delivers consistent messaging through sales training

“Steve saw that the economy was shifting years before it did. He made it clear that it was critical we ‘change the conversation’ with our clients in preparation for hard times. The result is that our sales people have become trusted advisors, not just vendors selling a product.”

Ted Gramkow, formerly of American Express Publishing and Red Herring

David House 3

“Steve is a professional sales person himself. He speaks our language. Our teams trusted that their success was what mattered most to Steve and that he was going to help them get there.”

David House, Group President (Retired), American Express

David House 2

“Is he worth the investment? Absolutely! I credit Steve Giglio with developing our team’s ability to close more than $100 million in business. His impact has been enormous.”

David House, Group President (Retired), American Express

Alison Tocci

TimeOUT NY drives sales through training programs develop by Steve Giglio.

“We had new team members who were young with raw talent. Steve focused them on preparation before each and every sales call. He developed our sales presentation, which we are still using and it is still generating results. I now have strong team players performing like sales veterans.”

Alison Tocci, President/Group Publisher, Time Out New York

David House


“Even the most seasoned sales professionals see Steve as a peer, someone they can trust. He becomes part of the fabric of any company for which he works.”
David House, Group President (Retired), American Express