Case Study

Case Study

American Express Bolsters Sales Team Confidence and Drives New Sales

The situation:

Pascal Guignard of American Express Europe has known Steve Giglio for more than 15 years. “Before I first worked with Steve Giglio, I thought I was a very good sales person,” he says. “I had a great deal of confidence in my abilities. Then he showed me the reality and I knew I had some work to do.”

Guignard was communicating different messages through his words, body language, eye contact and attention to client questions. Steve started by honing sales fundamentals, something he stresses in all of his sales training programs. He created a system for preparing for each sales call, learning about the client’s business and competition, and how to tailor a sales presentation.

The result:

Guignard increased his confidence, generated more sales and quickly grew his role at Amex. Having personally benefited from working with Steve Giglio, Guignard brought him in to work with his teams. Now the Amex teams are well prepared, effective, assertive, motivated and, ultimately, more confident.

“I am continuously amazed at the level of detail Steve brings to his training sessions,” says Guignard. “He knows our business. And that inspires our teams to mirror Steve’s level of professionalism and integrity. Steve makes a big difference long after he’s done with the training.”

Consistent Sales Approach
Improved Sales
Deal Closing Proficiency

Confident Sales Teams Develop Strong Relationships

Steve Giglio knows that confidence comes from comprehending a client’s business. To sell efficiently you must have a strong understanding both of the competitive landscape and the true benefits of your product/services. To win critical “trust” you must show the client that you “get” their business. Yet most sales professionals never take the time to gain that kind of insight. Steve Giglio provides them with a tailored, systematic approach so that confidence rises and sales come easier…and faster.