04.07.11 Cringe Worthy

In a recent article, columnist Anne Fischer of Crain’s NY Business offers her input regarding the cringe-worthy, dreaded FEEDBACK!  If you have worked with me, you know that it is something I insist you actively solicit.  And I warn, like she does, that you may not like what you get.  But strong leaders know that each piece of feedback is a lesson…a gift really…that further strengthens your own development.  So, here are a few things to act on:

1)  Read the article.  (duh!).  Here’s the link.

2)  Read my recent blog post on this same subject (see below…look for Mr. Ed!)

3) Create a system for regular, honest, no-holds-barred feedback.  And if you are not getting feedback you can use, you aren’t asking the right questions.  I can help so, get in touch with me.