04.04.11 Buy a Saddle

They say if enough people call you a horse…buy a saddle!

Years ago I got some tough-love feedback that changed my teaching style and my entire life.  After finishing an extensive training program with American Express, I was given the opportunity to head up their Business Travel Sales division.  There was, however, one caveat.  My client said to me,“Steve, what I’m worried about is…do you do anything wrong?”

Thwonngggg!  That hit me like a two-by-four.  He may just as well have called me Mr. Ed!

Turns out, he was concerned that I was not flexible and vulnerable enough to be the “approachable executive” he desired for the position.  From that feedback, I could have gotten defensive.  Could have defended my ground and told him that I was fallable in an ironic way of showing him that I was perfect!  But I didn’t.

I chose to remain an independent consultant but began to “lighten-up” as a trainer and create time for students with questions and concerns. I began to have a great amount of fun and pride in my coaching as I still do today.  And it was all because I listened to his feedback.

From this, I give you three things you can ACT on today to help with your business:
1.     Ask certain clients you respect, to comment on your style/ability as their representative.
2.     Seek feedback internally from your mentor and people who have been important guides for you in your organization.
3.     Listen to their feedback without bias you’ll supercharge your development from it.

Let me know how it goes.