Training Leaders: Not Everyone is a Green Beret

Military commanders will tell you that not every soldier is cut out to be a green beret. In fact, very few are. But they will also say that for an action to be successful, the effort needs foot soldiers too. Over 25 years of leadership coaching has shown me how true this is in business. The key is finding, and developing, those individuals who can rise to the occasion and then giving them what they need to win. Critical to this effort is having enough troops who know the mission and can carry it out.

Actually it’s easy, if you systematize the process.

Find Your Leaders

It really starts with building the protocols/strategies your eventual team of green berets will execute. Sorry, I’m firm on this, no exceptions. You must meet with your core “A” team, 3-4 of them, and let them know the responsibility of success is squarely on their shoulders. If they are truly your best, they will gladly accept the challenge. You then give them the plan by designing your pre-client approach, determine the best probing questions, and define the value proposition they will present to the marketplace to establish your brand’s uniqueness. And you must train your team to be in ONE-VOICE with it.

They in turn, become the ambassadors of the new normal in your company because they authored these protocols. 

Train Your Soldiers

You then determine your “B” team and train them to deliver these protocols while pinpointing their development areas to strengthen. They are the ones who will support the berets, provide valuable insight and execute the tactics. You cant count on them for this.

Lay Down the Law

Your “C” team will require a candid conversation about their unacceptable behavior and a commitment on their part to strengthen these actions to remain part of the team. These soldiers must toe the line, shape up and work with your beret leaders so that the mission is successful. If they can’t get on board, they need to be shipped out.

March to Victory

Remember, not everyone on your team has what it takes to be a green beret leader. But they all need to be on board with your mission or ultimately, success will never be achieved. Get them marching in the same direction so they can all claim victory!