Presentations That Fit!

Most of you know my passion for listening and truly understanding a client well before you deliver your presentation.

We’ve just finished a series of coaching points focused on developing a killer presentation based on your value proposition. One of the sure fire ways to dilute a great presentation is to deliver it too soon!

One Size Does NOT Fit All

A recent client shared with me that their presentations are created overseas at their corporate offices. When I asked him if they had been tailored to the U.S. market he said no, they just use what’s given to them. He further remarked that the marketing people who created the presentations have never been in New York nor the U.S. to study/understand each respective market. They may as well have written the presentation in a foreign language!

You Need a Good Tailor(ing)

We’re now partnering together to tailor their presentations.

As my client learned, not being able to communicate in a way that demonstrates an understanding of the client’s business put him at a big disadvantage. On the same point, another client this week shared an observation that was quite profound.

He said often when he’s consulting with a new client, he gets the distinct feeling the contact is looking at him with the thought,“This guy really doesn’t understand what we do here. What does he know about our business?”

Ever feel this?

Here’s how to neutralize it.

Listen…Then LISTEN Some More

If you ask questions, especially strong, probing questions, this will give you a great opportunity to listen..and learn.  Start interacting with a client like the one I’ve just mentioned with questions like:

  • How’d you get started with this organization?
  • What’s important to you?
  • What challenges are you facing this year?
  • What’s important to you with our partnership?
  • How do you see us supporting your business?
  • What do you value with associations like ours?

If you’ve done your homework on the client’s business and created a tailored presentation, then getting the answers to these questions will be the icing on the cake as you focus your presentation on their business and their needs.

Try this and let me know.