04.05.12 Tip of the Week

Leadership Development Starts with Determining What You Care About

Then Communicate It

Insipration comes from many sources.  I recently returned from a magnificent and humbling East African safari. I was deeply moved by two inspiring people: our safari trackers Ray and Marlon from the Serengeti Game Reserves. Their genuine personal connection to every animal I was photographing was astounding. When each man spoke, providing great motivational stories, they fixated on our subject, never moving their eyes but all the while putting into context for me what I was shooting.  I learned from and was inspired by the greatness of nature and its natural selection from their heartfelt involvement.

Fast forward to us. Motivating your employees as a leader is about being authentic and communicating in the moment what your beliefs are and what you care about in a way that uniquely frames who you are. Say what you truly care about and watch people follow. We did with Ray and Marlon.