Seven Coaching Mistakes to Avoid…Always!

As leaders, a large part of our responsibility and actualization is to grow our respective teams and contribute to their success. We are their coaches. However, as I’ve worked with leaders, developing them into strong coaches, I’ve observed several mistakes that leaders make while developing their teams. Here they are, and my advice on what to do about them:

No Clear Feedback

“Give it to me straight Doc…” was a famous phrase old gunslingers used in “B” Westerns once they got shot. They wanted the truth about their condition. Start behaving like the doctor. Don’t go easy on a direct report when their behavior doesn’t merit it. You serve your direct better by being honest with them so they know where they stand.

No Clear Expectations Set

It’s important to lay out what a direct’s expectations are. You’ll both feel better about it. They’ll have a road map to follow and you’ll have a scorecard to follow.

Giving Hall Passes

Stop giving “hall passes.” Don’t enable behavior that is sabotaging a direct’s development. Let them know right away when something they did does not support the company’s goals or their own growth.

No Consequences

Every time you allow inappropriate behavior to continue you set a precedent for the agreement of the behavior and send the wrong message to the rest of your team. There needs to be consequences to these actions or, they will just continue.

No Accountability

Hold your direct’s accountable for their behavior. They’ll respect you for it and you will have made a positive difference in their development. Let them know that you expect everyone not only to “own” their mistakes but, develop a plan for compensating for them so that no long-term damage is done to the client relationship. They have to “own” the outcome too!

Treating Them Like an “A” Player

When you are developing a “B” Player, don’t mislead them to thinking they are an “A” Player as a way of giving them support. It’s not respectful and it sends the wrong message to your star players, who really are at the top of their game.

Not Communicating Like They Are a Client

Treat your team like you treat a client. Listen to them, understand what’s important to them, then take them to school with what’s best for them.

Try these and let me know.

Steve Giglio Delivers a Fast Return on Your Leadership Development Investment

Steve Giglio's executive development sessions provide immediate resultsSteve Giglio knows that you don’t have six months to determine if his leadership development programs deliver results.  His programs are designed to have an immediate effect. Your executives will leave their first development session with new management skills and tools that they can use at once. Through research, peer interviews, extensive sessions with the individual and his unique insight, Steve quickly pinpoints areas of developmental need and tailors a program to address them. Executives are able to implement the strategies developed and their teams take notice.

Case Study

Steve Giglio Works One-on-one with LexisNexis Executives, Improving Confidence and Leadership

Steve Giglio delivers results through executive developmentThe situation:

LexisNexis CFO Carolyn Ullerick needed a team that exhibited strong leadership, independence and assertiveness. “Overall, I had a capable team. But I needed them to grow to the next level. I knew it could take some time before they would get there, I just didn’t know if they could get there on their own.”

Steve spent several weeks interviewing Ullerick’s team, conducting one-on-one sessions, and videotaping the individuals in different scenarios to determine weak points. He then created individual leadership development plans that would create a shift in how her senior leaders conducted themselves and managed others.

The result:

“Steve has become a true partner to me,” Ullerick says. “He has closed the leadership gaps with each of the executives he has worked with. Steve’s ability to guide people towards self-awareness and then provide them with tools for change has lead to a demonstrable increase in each individual’s ability, enabling me to get the most out of each of them.

Steve’s work has resulted in members of my team being promoted, sought after for new and exciting key roles, and regarded as true high potential employees. They have become the trusted advisors that their current roles demand.  Steve has been equally successful with individuals just starting out as well as seasoned executives. Maybe the best testament to his effectiveness is that individuals who I sponsored to work with Steve in the past are now using him with their own teams!”

Accelerated and Anchored Change
Superior Team Management
Increased confidence and peace of mind