Be Smart: Plan NOW for 2016!

Smart companies look to the future long before it arrives. Now is the time to do that for 2016.

I have the unique pleasure of coaching forward-thinking CEOs and COOs as they lead their respective organizations. They are seizing this time of the year to ultra-focus on 2016. We are discussing how to marshal their teams to be consummately effective and strategic in there business development/selling efforts. Are you having those conversations yet?

At this time of year, it’s important to remember and heed the great selling adage: “Nothing happens in life until someone sells something to someone.” Leaders who know this, act on it with expedience. They realize they need to have their management teams as focused on 2016 as they are, it takes a village.

Planning Questions to Ask for 2016

Planning for the new year starts with asking some key questions. Answer these questions with your leadership teams to gain a clear picture of where they are, and where they need to be in 2016.

  • Where are we now relative to our competitive set?
  • What culture must we forge in 2016?
  • How effect have we been in our internal communication efforts?/What must we strengthen?
  • What must we measure to produce the goals we’ve established?
  • How will we remain a team throughout 2016?
  • What must our constituents embrace with our value propositions?

There is nothing more productive than talking through these important questions and establishing tactical action plans to achieve them. It’s not too late…start now to get a jump on 2016. Make it a great year by being in control and focused. It makes a big difference!

What’s your #1 goal for 2016? Share it in the comments below. Thanks!