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Self-Assessment of Your Professional Transformation

Recently, I’ve written about needing to evolve in business so that you remain relevant and engaged. Through my evolution, I noted that I was listening as if I was right all the time. A shift to listening like I am wrong and without a preconceived response has made a big difference! These transformative moments (hopefully you’ve had a few of your own) can be difficult to sustain, especially when you’ve changed but nobody seems to care. So, how do you keep your evolution or transformation (or whatever you have been calling it) moving forward?

For me, it helps if I do a professional self-assessment. I ask myself a few key questions which will help me determine how I’m doing, if I’m still on track, or if I’ve let myself slip back into the familiar-yet-unsustainable. So, here I present some of the questions I ask so that you can assess yourself, along with my answers. We are in this together!

Self-Assessment for Professional Evolution

Have I set goals?
I’ve set my goals and review them daily in the morning.

Are the goals attainable?
Yes, and they are not pie-in-the-sky goals. They are attainable this year.

Have I created an Action Plan to realize and achieve these goals?
I’ve created a weekly activity sheet that lays out who I need to call and what I need to impart to them.

Can I measure it?
Yes, it’s a scorecard that I keep track with.

What is one habit I can stop?
Hesitation, thinking that my phone call, email message or meeting won’t make a difference to whomever I’m contacting.

What is one habit I need to get into?
Relishing getting the “no” or “not right now” response. Every “no” brings me closer to a “yes”

Do I have a committed listener who I check in with?
Yes, I have to dear friends and business colleagues who support me as I do them.

Share Your Answers

Ok, I’ve shared my assessment. Let’s take a look at yours. As you can see, it doesn’t need to be in-depth…just a quick check-in. Copy and paste the questions above into an email. Remove my answers and fill in your own. Send it to me at: steve@giglioco.com. In other words, I’ll be your committed listener!