British Airways Selects Steve Giglio

british-airways-europeanOctober 29, 2010 – New York, N.Y. – Steve Giglio, known internationally for his executive development and sales training programs, has been hired by British Airways, the United Kingdom’s largest scheduled airline, for an extensive sales training program designed to establish consistency in British Airways’ brand messaging.

Steve Giglio is regarded as the gold standard in executive development and sales training. Since 1989, Steve Giglio has been leading executive development and sales-training programs around the world, influencing the development of more than 30,000 executives and sales professionals.  He has earned an international reputation as an effective leader who tailors development and training programs to meet the needs of his clients and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.

“We are designing new messaging targeting travel agents and corporate travel professionals, two distinct groups with different priorities,” said Mark Webb, Senior Vice President, North American Sales.  “I am bringing in Steve Giglio so he can provide fresh perspective, aiding us in creating an effective and consistent way of delivering British Airways’ value proposition.”


Giglio is no stranger to high-profile, internationally known brands like British Airways.  Giglio’s client list covers the gamut from publishing and broadcast companies to financial institutions and resort brands. His twenty-year career has earned him a loyal client base that includes American Express, Vanity Fair, Citibank, Allure, LexisNexis, Arsenal Capital Partners and more.

“I am thrilled and honored to be working British Airways, a company with such an outstanding reputation,” said Giglio.  “The travel industry is as competitive as ever.  Being able to pinpoint communications issues, address them and create a new direction is a big advantage.  It is a credit to British Airways that they are willing to invest in their employees, giving them the tools they need to create long-lasting client relationships.”