My New Year’s Wish For You…

As I piece together my New Year’s Wish for you, I’m struck by your complete humanity and commitment to make a difference even when your life, family, and business are threatened. This is remarkable and bears a profound acknowledgment for your bravery, focus, and constitution amid this uncertain, dangerous world.

On March 18th, when I moved my business to the virtual world, I was scared, apprehensive, and confused. Pre-COVID, my world was one of standing in front of people, from one to one thousand, and coaching/teaching. Once I figured out how to operate in Zoom, Teams, etc., I took stock of myself and committed that I would make a difference in people’s lives, one person at a time, no matter what the world threw at me. I would also remember to be grateful and actualized from it. It took this COVID crisis for me to realize I could make a difference virtually as well as in-person, anywhere and anytime!

So can you, if you say so.

As you look into 2021, reflect on your core DNA that you’ve proved is unshakable. You sat by your own fire, understood the difference you make, and said to the world: “I’m going to continue to make a difference, COVID or no COVID.” Going forward look around you. Notice people’s isolation, grief, and fear. Do your best to empathize with them. Embody optimism to serve as a bridge to transform their world. Let others know that they can be as brave as you are. By doing this, you’ll find your light.

Don’t let COVID shut someone down that’s in your sphere. Show them they’re stronger than it.

As we close out 2020, list what you’re grateful for and gain strength and pride from it. Many of us have struggled and lost friends, family, or colleagues this year. Yet we’re still here, still making a difference. With your collective effort, know that we will dance again.

With all my support and admiration, I wish you a rewarding and prosperous New Year.