2021 Reflections/2022 Direction

With Broadway shows closing, sports games being canceled/delayed, and a worrisome spike in Covid cases, it feels like I‘m writing this as though it were the end of 2020. But of course, I’m not. Things are different.

As a community of business professionals, it’s essential we keep this pandemic in perspective and realize we are demonstrably smarter and more responsible than a year ago.

Learn from 2021

Personally, I’m also more grateful to you, my clients, than I’ve ever been. I’m blessed by being in business with the opportunity to help others accomplish endeavors they couldn’t without my commercial recommendations. I cherish the relationships I’ve built and revel in the success I’ve seen so many of you achieve this year!

As I reflect on 2021, we need to be proud of our efforts in maintaining a relationship with our clientele. We were challenged, weren’t we? Relying on virtual contact or seeing our fleeting in-person contact coming to a second pause again, the challenges are still very real.

The overarching realization though is that we’re still here and gearing up for 2022. BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS.

Define YOUR 2022

As you look towards 2022, define your goals and vision with these points in mind:

  • Know how your clients will forward their company’s goals and their culture
  • Fully and comprehensively understand their challenges
  • Don’t race to solve all their challenges at once, rather be methodical in your solutioning
  • Make every recommendation meaningful
  • Be committed to being creative with all your recommendations

Years ago a client let me know how he defined the overarching culture goal for his firm. As we worked together, I never lost sight of this vision. It was, and still is, to be relational with every client interaction and decision his firm made. I’ve passed that along to every executive of that firm that I’ve coached with great results. I encourage you to adopt this manner of engaging with your clients and employees.

My 2022 wish for you is that you prove to all your clients that you listen first, fix second, and have ample time to understand their challenges. Through this action, you honor people and affirm their work. If you relate first, the business will come.

My Best for a safe, healthy, prosperous New Year!