01.26.12 Tip of the Week: To Coach is to Teach

Often in my executive development programs, a client will lament that their direct reports need to fundamentally change how they operate to achieve their goals. Sound familiar?

As I work with them to pinpoint each team member’s development areas, I often ask them what they’ve done to alert their employees to these areas of growth.  I go further to inquire about whether they have created a development plan for each associate? Many times, the answer is no.  Other times, it is yes but the plan hasn’t been revisited in ages.  In either case, the executive has put the responsibility of development on the shoulders of the associate with little or no guidance.  Is it any wonder that there isn’t much change month to month, year to year?

Think about it.  The whole point of being a leader is to develop each direct report to execute on the strategy you establish.  Leadership is about partnering with people and showing them a path forward.  And I’ve found that they really appreciate knowing what path they are on!  Establish development plans for your directs and promise to teach them how to transform their current behavior into the ideal behavior the job requires. The fulfillment of this is priceless and you have created a situation where everyone wins, including you.

Do you struggle with how to create, execute and monitor such plans?  Let me know.