Leadership Checklist for Covid Recovery

Over the past few blogs, I’ve spoken about comporting yourself with optimism and alacrity (a cheerful engagement in conversation).

In this post, let’s talk about your recovery-checklist.

We’ve all manically focused on keeping our respective businesses going since COVID-19 hit. It’s now time to focus on YOU, your internal/external brand, and the impact you and your brand are making.

Answer these questions to self-assess your preparedness for our eventual return to normalcy:

Checklist for Brand Recovery Post-Covid:

How actively am I participating in my organization’s conversations?

Participating is caring. It’s also a statement of vitality and responsibility. The more you engage, the more your team will.

How strategic have I been with my contributions or have I been too cautious?

This is mission-critical to our recovery! Your strategic input doesn’t have to be exact it’s got to be good enough to stimulate debate. It shows your thinking ahead, which is what everyone on your team should be doing.

How frequently am I communicating with my team?

Care, then care some more. You must show your concern or your team will assume the opposite. This isn’t “Have you completed that project?” dialogue. You should focus more on their well-being and state of mind as they navigate through these unprecedented times. “We’re nearly a year into this pandemic. Since it started, what’s gotten better for you? What’s gotten worse?”

Do they know my vision?

Your vision drives engagement and alignment. It becomes a rallying cry for others who can’t sort their own vision out yet. Some things to consider before you communicate your vision:

  1. Do I know how they’re doing relative to COVID?
  2. How strong is my emotional intelligence?
  3. Have I delegated work to my team that enhances the difference they make or have I taken too much on my own?

Am I driving my team to stretch and succeed?

Directs want to work. They want to produce results that are affirmational. Don’t stifle them by not stretching them during this sheltered time.

  1. How effective have I been when presenting my ideas?
  2. How urgent are my recommendations, internally and externally?
  3. Have I been inspiring?

Answer these questions to take stock in your recovery-potential.