Five 2nd Quarter Questions Every Leader Should Answer

question-mark-1019820_960_720Q2 of 2016 is at hand. We’re all working hard…let’s work smart too. As I coach executives, I remind them it’s not OK to only check-in with their associates and provide feedback. They need to check themselves, too. Here are five questions every leader should be asking, and answering, so that the rest of year is productive and their teams continue on their developmental paths.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Now

What are my organization’s three mission-critical goals?

You established goals at the beginning of the year. Remember that? Seems like a long time ago. Things change. Did your company’s goals? Determine what they are now, and once you’ve pinpointed them, the next step is to have a clear plan to achieve them. It’s also important to assess the team you’ve got behind you.

  • Is this the “A” team?
  • What barriers are there?

Presenting these three goals to your organization is empowering and puts you in a leadership position.

How often do I speak with and learn from clients?

Reports are important but hearing and discerning a pattern of desires from clients is priceless. How fleet of foot is your organization in tailoring solutions for these important partnerships?
Meeting with clients keeps you sharp. It sends a great message…you’re in the fight with them. Right now…check your calendar…how many client meetings do you have in the new few weeks? How many have you had recently? If some of your clients haven’t heard from you much or at all this year, now is the time!

How well do I listen?

Assess how well you listen to your team and to your clients. Do you jump into a conversation too quickly with your own direction? Or, do you listen to affirm people? Listening is one of the most important skills a leader can possess. It is also one that gets ignored all-too frequently. Do you tend to want to be THE voice in the room? Perhaps your staff has taken note and holds back their contributions, which could be missed opportunities.

How am I stretching my “A” Players?

You must stretch your “A” Players. This act acknowledges their ability. Never let an “A” Player become complacent. They want challenges…they hunger for them (that’s how they got to be “A” players in the first place, right?).

What must I strengthen in my own comportment?

This answer takes courage to determine. Ask your top managers for their opinion. Taking stock of what you can strengthen and acting on it is highly motivating.

Asking these questions now will help you avoid issues when you wrap up 2016 later on. You will know that you kept yourself moving in a positive direction towards the companies goals, bringing your team along with you.

Which question is the hardest for you to answer? Let me know in the comments. And my advice is…tackle that one first! – SG