My Fast Company Article on Heroes vs. Champions

Rainmakers, aka Heroes, have been neglected as potential coaches. The rainmaker is the person the entire company looks up to as the leader of new business. He’s the “cool guy.” The guy who’s impervious to any client pressure or threat. The guy whose sales stories you can’t wait to listen to and learn from. He’s also an essential resource salespeople can learn from and emulate, but…

…no one ever explained to him how important it is to care and coach. Every company needs more internal coaches, whether they be sales managers or rainmakers breaking their actions down into transferable steps. He needs to be converted into a Champion.

Fast Company just published this article where I explain further what I mean:

Your Business Has Heroes–But What It Needs Are Champions. Which One Are You?

“I can’t be the only one closing business here. The clients always want just me.”

Ahhh…our Hero. Always there to come in and save the day. He is the one by which all others are measured. He gets the results and doesn’t need anyone else. He is Super Executive!

But a Hero is not what companies need.

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