Coach More, Delegate Less

It is often the case that a new leader wants to have a fast start with their organization. In their zeal to accomplish this and make a splash, they over-delegate and under coach.

To succeed as a new leader, I recommend the opposite.

Coach, Don’t Manage

It’s better to over coach/shape your direct reports and their direct reports versus delegating tasks in the hope that each exec perfectly accomplishes their mission. But coaching is not the same as managing or micro-managing. The latter can be overbearing and puts people on the defensive while the former creates a partnership atmosphere where you aid their efforts, not command them.

Coaches Create a Bond

It is during this early time when you will begin creating the bond between you and your directs. They need to see how you lead, get a sense of your vision, and see how you will be there to work side-by-side with them when needed. A coach does this…a delegator does not.

What is mission-critical is that you put your imprint as a coach on your directs by selflessly shaping their actions and being more concerned about what they learn in this process versus the perfect outcome of the process. Bear in mind that it is your directs’ journey they will value and remember long after the tasks are completed.

Do you remember the last time you were a new leader of a team? How did it go? Could this post have helped you avoid some issues early on? Answer below in the comments.