Are Your Sales Reps Spending Too Much Time in Front of Customers?

Here’s a great article I want to share with you (click here).  It is a must-read article for any sales leader and salesperson committed to being all they can be.

It’s clear that “we’re not in Kansas anymore” with regard to where the world is and where it’s going.

My father, a surgeon, always said that no two patients are ever the same, never treat one the same as the other. Similarly, the author’s discovery is essential data to realize the importance of pre- and post-value proposition tailoring for each client. The only way to proceed is to become the steward of our client’s needs not their custodian.

Never be on auto-pilot, treat each client as though you are by their corporate bedside taking their vital signs and maniacally focused on helping their business by hyper-tailoring a solution and sheparding that solution through your own company to insure a seamless connection.