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Checklist for New Clients

The Boy Scouts and I share a common, urgent message that we have been delivering for years: Be Prepared! We live in a “need it now” culture. Too often, that means not doing the preparatory work needed before you talk with a potential client. “I just don’t have time” is what I hear most often. […]

Personal Values…Find Them to Align with Them

I’m struck at how often people unknowingly forget to find and/or understand a client’s personal values. Without knowing these values, how can you tailor your recommendation, lead a team or recommend a change? Here’s a hint…it’s all in the listening. (sound familiar?) Yeah…I’ve posted previously about listening first! Your Values May Not Be Their Values Generally […]

I am a GREAT salesperson!

A bold statement. And it was said to me by a prospective client at our first meeting! As I heard him say this I was slightly taken aback and countered with, “That’s great to hear. I’m curious, though, what’s one skill you’d like to strengthen as we look at our potential collaboration together?” He said, “I never […]

Leadership Planning for 2017: Developing Your “A” Team

This is part three of a three-part series designed to help you plan your leadership and get your team ready for 2017. The other articles are focused on Looking Back to Move Forward and Creating Your Mission Statement.  Now that you’ve studied what’s worked with your organization, critically reviewed your go-to-market strategy and established your […]

Leadership Planning in 2017: Create Your Mission Statement

Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” movie famously proclaimed to her dog, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Well, neither are we! In these transformative times, it’s essential to insure that your mission statement mirrors the direction in which your organization must travel. Your mission statement from two years ago needs to be […]

Creating Your Value Proposition: It’s Not Your History!

Curating your organization’s value proposition is a fun exercise that brings people together along with synthesizing your company’s DNA. Too often, however, organizations feel they need to present their history of achievements, how they began as an organization X number of years ago and/or the biographies of their founders. All of these are wrong. How your organization got […]