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Show Your Homework

When meeting with a client where it’s important to recommend a course of action, be sure to show your homework. Your due diligence illustrates forethought and respect. It also shows that you have put considerable effort into understanding their business and have earned the right to make recommendations. Often salespeople come to a meeting without […]

Pain Before Process

A few years ago, I was working with very savvy clients in San Diego on a sales development program. One night,I was dining with my client who expressed to me that after 20 years in selling and negotiating he realized this important distinction: Process vs. Pain. Selling to the Pain, Not the Process What he said […]

The New Normal Can Lead to Complacency

New York, N.Y.  – Just about every business news outlet has used the term “new normal” to describe the current global economic conditions.  Limited or no growth.  Layoffs and high unemployment.  Unstable stock markets.  It has become, over the past three years, the environment to which many have become accustom.  And some warn that this […]